I’ve complained (sometimes at length) about my son’s sleeping (or lack-thereof) habits, so it is not news to most of you. I think you’ll recall the recent vacation of 9 straight days of 6:15 ams. Well, after we got back, it was like Carson was so happy to be back in his room and his bed or something, he started sleeping longer. And harder. He is known to wake up 2-3 times a night and holler–HOLLER–out to us until we come to check on him. We had about a week and a half of AFTER 7 am sleeping! One wonderful, glorious day, he slept until 7:50! I honest-to-goodness went to check on him around 7:40 to make sure he was still breathing. I thought maybe, MAYBE our son had turned into a normal 2 year old child who sleeps longer than his parents. Of course, we had to discuss it between ourselves (Trent and I) and we jinxed it.

Saturday: 6:15
Sunday: 6:05
Monday: 5:55 with stalling and computer games until 6:25