It turns out that Portland has a pretty awesome children’s museum. For some reason, I’ve never really had a desire to go, b/c I figured most of the activities would be for preschool and up. I was mistaken! The other day three 2-yr-olds went with their baby sister, baby brother, cousin and mommies to the museum, in part to celebrate Nate and Becky’s same day b-day. (We were missing the fourth musketeer: Henry!) This place was full of things to touch and experience, and it was perfect for toddlers.

This room is called The Dig Pit. Pretty much a little boys dream land.

And the construction room.
Carson lasted about 2 minutes during story time.
All three boys contentedly playing in one place! This didn’t happen a lot, so it was fun to catch it on film.
This is where you get to paint your face! Every morning Carson asks if he can put my make-up on, and finally he had some of his own!

This is inside the pretend ambulance.
Dr. Tompkins, MD?

This was the water room, which was a huge hit for Carson and Nate. Ethan wasn’t as excited about it.

He was having so much fun he was just wandering around, not sure where to go!