….and I WON! This is really good news, people. I had NOT misread the legal jargon in the teaching license paperwork. All previous paperwork had said I only needed those 3 credits, but this NEW paperwork that I just received said I needed 6 credits. Dr. Roy encouraged me to look back over my paperwork for license renewal and fight the contradiction. So, I got all my evidence out before me –including a copy of the actual Oregon law that Dad printed out for me–and called ready for a fight! Even the mighty TSPC (that’s the licensure board for teachers) does NOT want to mess with a tired pregnant woman. The person I talked to told me that I was right…she even had my original letters in front of her. She wasn’t sure why this new paperwork said 6 credits, but said it could be they are encouraging people to get 6 because that’s what I’ll need for the next level of license, or they could be preparing to change the law. (Which is a daily funtime activity for TSPC.) She said just send my transcripts of the 3 I already took. I got her name, date of birth and social security number and told her I would be citing her as my source and she said that is fine. So I DON’T HAVE TO TAKE ANOTHER CLASS! Woohoo! Thank you all for your sympathies. Now we can celebrate together.