The blog breaks are continuing, and I am as busy as predicted, but wanted to update those of you who are interested:

*Still pregnant. 24 weeks, I think. Lots of little kicks and punches inside. Big brother is ridiculously cute about it all, wanting lots of kisses for his little sister. Today he even wrapped up a one-dollar coin for her in a kleenex and brought it to my tummy.

* Three papers down and one (BIG) one left! Two weeks of online class done and one to go.

*Operation Big Boy Bed has had some successes and setbacks. Fortunately, the novelty is wearing off, which is a start. Bed time goes more smoothly than nap time, and I’ve spent more than a few minutes lying in the bed WITH our big boy. And of course, usually I fall asleep too. It’s much more comfortable than the floor next to the crib, which sometimes happened!

*Missing all the blog correspondence, so everyone else keep posting! (Especially pics of my nephew, please.)