When I was in college, we shortened Girl’s Night Out to GNO. I don’t get to use that acronym that often anymore, but we were blessed to have an awesome Girl’s Day/Night this last weekend. Hopefully Jenna didn’t get too tired of hearing “music” talk and Steph didn’t get to tired of hearing “teacher” talk and Becky didn’t get too tired of us chatting about our toddler boys. (Then again…she knows she’ll be there SOON!) It was such a fun time a nice chance to get out and then relax with some nachos, movies and lots of magazines! Thanks a ton to our hubbies who watched the little guys to give us a break. Maybe next time we’ll massage your feet while you watch football. 😉
Here we all are in downtown Portland.

And this is a shot of those funny girls from the second level after they let me bound onto the “down” escalator and they stayed on the third level. Thanks a LOT!