Not quite blossomed, but budding. The other night in the car, Trent and I thought Carson was trying to tell a knock, knock joke. We would hear him quietly saying to himself: Knock, knock. Uh-oh. Hehehehe. We have no idea if that was, in fact, what he was doing and if so, where he heard it. But, of course, we could not let this small sign of attempted humor go without constant proding and modeling. (It is suprising how few knock knock jokes I actually know off the top of my head…any suggestions?) However, as we tried harder, his “jokes” did not improve much. In fact, the double knock at the beginning of each joke from which the genre gets its name has somehow morphed into one, loud KNOCK! Also, the only name he can remember to say after “who’s there” is Jo or Jo-jo. (Holla!) And always after that the joke kind of dissolves into fake gaffaws. You’ll also noticed I have reverted to the high chair video, which may become our only means of procuring a clip of this kid, because he canNOT keep his hands off the camera or lense, and I think we’ve established that I am not the laid back type of mom who will let my child play with my semi-expensive digi cam. So, for now, I give you: Carson’s joke. Ready….set…..