We had a great weekend with our good friends the Nashes. Their two older kids were the flower girl and ring bearer in our wedding 6 years ago! Their family has a connection to a really cool cabin near Breitenbush, which is between Salem and Detroit Lake. The cabin is misleading in this picture. It’s a one room cabin on the first floor, with a “loft” addition on the top, which you can only access from this upstairs front door. There is no electricity and no running water, but it is only about 75-100 feet from the river. We had great weather, took some great walks, played a lot of Sequence and played a lot outside in the forest and river.I remember when I was little and we were camping, my mom would want me to sit on her lap when she was cold. Now I know why!
Our friend Michelle is such a trooper. She has an above-knee prosthetic leg, and it doesn’t slow her down at all! Not to mention, she keeps up with three very busy kids.
We (and by “we” I mean usually Eric and Trent) had to fill buckets with water in the river and bring it back to the cabin to use it for everything from cooking to washing our hands.
This is their youngest, Graydon. He’s 3.This was on Sunday, the coldest day. We took a beautiful hike and stopped for a photo shoot.
“WHOA! Mommy’s knee just got a lot bigger!”
What a way to travel, huh?