As I was cruising around some blogs of friends, friends of friends and strangers ( you know the “link” trail) I was admiring the deep thoughts expressed regarding faith, friendship, careers, heroes, entertainment, etc. Although I never had notions of having my blog be anything more than stream of consciousness and bragging on the babe, it did make me wonder what people think when they stumble upon my blog. I’m dividing my readership into two categories: family/close friends/friends with kids who will read the blog and think “Oh, pictures of her kid! How cute.” That group might scroll down and see more. The other group would be strangers and aquaintances without kids who would think “Oh, pictures of her kid. How boring.” Click to next blog. So, does that bother me? To be honest, it does a little. Although I have chosen to surrender to my new identity as doting mother, I still want to retain my identity as scholar, wife, writer, funny girl and savvy culture commentator. (Or am I flattering myself to include those?!) There are seasons in life when one aspect of our identity has to dominate, and right now my mommy personae is on the front burner. And I guess there are venues in life when we can exercise and express different aspects of our identity. I’ll probably continue to use this venue as I have been (mainly because of time), but I like to remind myself to excercise the other parts of my identity that make me…me. Quick, someone ask me a really controversial question so I can write a witty joke as a response and connect it in someway to pop culture. 🙂