mom of boys

  • Flashback: Potty Training

    So, I’ve been having a blast writing for Portland Moms Blog (check out my latest post about whether or not I let my daughter be a princess), but it does seem that I do not have the bandwidth to write for my own blog at the same time.  So, please forgive the silence on this site […]

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  • Confession du jour: I’m that mom

    My oldest (aka: PFB, or Precious FirstBorn) is smart and sassy.  He loves cracking jokes and making his friends laugh, but doesn’t always have a good read on the room as far as the grown-ups are concerned.  If a wise-crack comes into his mind, it comes out of his mouth, and not always at the […]

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  • Diaper Change from Hell

    Wow, summer is kicking my booty!  The whole “stay busy” strategy is working to avoid boredom, but not working to allow me any writing time.   But I’ve had two specific requests for this old story, so I thought I’d use a re-post to make sure this new shiny paisley blog doesn’t get dusty.   […]

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