It’s not secret (or surprise) that in my marriage, I’m definitely the vocal one.  I’m the social secretary, the extrovert, the one with a blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account.  Trent has none of those things and checks his personal email about twice a month.  But if I’m the mouth, then he’s definitely the hands.  He is a such a hard-worker, both in his paid job and in his life.  For those of you who don’t know, Trent is a pediatric physical therapist.   Although I don’t get to be there for the day-to-day interactions with his patients and their families, I occasionally get a glimpse into how Trent brings his own special strengths (among them being his integrity, work-ethic, and willingness to be super silly with children) to his career.

Some of you remember that in 2009, Trent ran the Portland marathon with a very special patient of his.  Sarah had always wanted to be in a race, but her diagnosis and life in a wheelchair limited her options.  So Trent and Sarah’s uncle took turns pushing her on the 26.2 mile course, and she cheered in victory as they crossed the finish line!  You can read my full blog post about it here.  He was given an award for that race, and he dedicated it to Sarah.  02-28-10 048 Trent loves his job.  He is so committed to his patients and their families. The fact that he is so fulfilled in his career is an enormous source of joy for our whole family.

But from the very first year of his employment, Trent has dreamed out loud about using his degree and his skills on a short-term mission trip.  A few times it almost worked out, but finances and life changes usually got in the way.   After the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, I had to hold him back from hopping on a plane to Port-au-Prince.  Instead, we sent in our adoption application and began IMG_2907another adventure with plenty of fundraising involved.

Well, his time has finally come.  Trent has been invited to be a part of a team that will use his exact skills and strengths with colleagues he knows and trusts.  And my part is to cheer him on,  hold down the fort while he’s gone and use my big mouth to help him raise some funds to offset the cost of the trip.  Will you please read this letter from my hubby and consider supporting him?  It’s never fun to ask for money, but we’ve learned it is part of how God humbles and works through us.


Dear family and friends,

For many years I have desired to use my professional license on a volunteer basis in an underserved area.  A few months ago, I was asked by Dr. David Shaw, orthopedic surgeon, if I would be interested in traveling to Ecuador with a medical team from Capital City Medical Teams.  This is an exciting opportunity for me and one that will be achieving spiritual and professional goals for myself.

Our team will be traveling to Ecuador April 8th to the 18th of this year.  We will be serving between 500 and 800 children.  Dr. Shaw will lead a surgical team and will perform dozens of procedures during our time in country.  My role will be to work with patients and their families after the surgery, as they learn to stand and walk again.  I will also be working closely with an orthotics specialist to treat patients who do not need surgery, but need orthotic support, such as braces, crutches or the correct fitting wheel chair.  We have been told to expect long days serving hundreds of children, but I’m ready and looking forward to using my skills in this way.

As you can imagine there can be a significant cost associated with a trip like this: between $2500-3000.  It was definitely a step of faith that I accepted the invitation to be a part of this team. It is very uncomfortable for me to ask for financial support, but at this time our family cannot fully finance this trip.  As a result I am humbly reaching out for your assistance of any kind.  Tax deductible donations can be made to Capital City Medical Teams with the memo line of the check reading “recommended for Trent Tompkins.”

Donations can also be made online at   In order for the gift to be designated towards my trip, you will choose an option for “additional information” that allows the donor to write my name for “recommended donation.” I understand that financial contributions are not an option for some, and I would appreciate your prayer support for the trip and my family while I am away.   I’m praying that God would use our team in a big way.

Thank you for your support,

Trent Tompkins, PT, DPT, PCS

Jen’s note: to donate on the Capital City Medical Teams site, you will select the FIRST yellow donate button, and then will be directed to paypal. Let us know if you have any questions! Thank you!