Some of you may remember my birthday post from 2013, where I asked you all to “like” a new business called Encompass Nutrients.  During that month, for every “like” Encompass received on f@cebook, they donated $1 to Destiny Rescue.  (Destiny Rescue is an organization very near and dear to my heart that fights human trafficking in Thailand among other places.)  Since that time, Encompass Nutrients has continued to grow and flourish, and press on toward their business goal of donating 80% of their profits to organizations that care for vulnerable children worldwide.   Did you catch that?  Have you ever heard of a more fantastic, backwards goal?  For a business to want to donate EIGHTY PERCENT of their profits?indaboysbw-300x300

I have a friend who works for Encompass Nutrients, and he sent me some of their product to try out in our household.  The packaging was beautiful and the product was great.  Their “complete” line of vitamins is the highest quality, and I especially liked the Complete Adult line, which I take daily.  But honestly?  The actual vitamins are not necessarily what make this company stand out.  It’s their passion.  It oozes out all over their publicity and their web page.  You can’t learn about this product without feeling the heart of the people behind it.  Encompass partners with several different non-profit organizations, each one specifically situated to help orphans and children in need.  EN offers a chance to invest in your family’s health and invest in lives worldwide.

EncompassRide2ohio-7-300x225On the website, there is a page which tells stories of the ways this company and it’s employees are putting their time, energy, gifts and money where their mouths are.  5K’s, trips to Africa, 150 mile cycling trips to raise money….these guys are legit!  I want to send lots of traffic and business their way, so go check out their website, and find them on Facebook and Twitter.CompleteAdult-Single-188x315