Most of the time, my good camera is off-limits to the kids, but there are some days when you just really need to get dinner made.  Sydney asks to use it almost every day. So, one evening, I threw the littlest one (child, not camera) in the tub and gave the middle one my prized possession, hung it securely around her neck and put the fear of God into her about dropping it.   And here, I present Sydney’s most recent collection: 5:15 on a Weekday.

First, a loving portrait of mother.  Actually, this is much more realistic than that pic over to the right or anything else I post online.

Toy box.  (Anyone having visions of these things coming to life a la Toy Story?  That doll makes sucking and cooing noises if her arm is touching her torso.  We learned this the hard way, after having the crap spooked out of us on several occasions.)


Still life of legos.


Maker of legos.  Such a polite young man.


Nostalgic rendering of my Mother’s Day cards.  Yes, they are still hanging up, even though it’s been over a month and it’s almost Father’s Day.


I did ask the photographer to go check on Asher in the bathtub, even though I could hear him singing and talking.  And yes, I did fear for my camera’s life in that dangerous environment, but I was up to my elbows in raw chicken, so I couldn’t leave.


Ok, so apparently Asher eats bar soap when I leave him alone. (He’s almost 4, guys.  Don’t call CPS just yet.)


And evidently Asher plays with the plunger in the bath when I walk out of the room. FANTASTIC. (If you call CPS now, I really can’t blame you.)


Have you heard those theories about how art forgers always find a way to sign their work?  Busted!


Stay tuned for Sydney’s next and most popular drawing series: stick figures that all look the same and lots and lots of circle flowers.