I have so many stories in my head that I want to post.  There are so many updates on Asher that I want to share.  My goal is to blog at least once a week this fall.  Again, not just for my 4 readers, but for my own memory-keeping.  But there is one story that cannot wait.

For a vast majority of our current life as a family, Asher’s attachment-related issues are very minor.  Most of his issues are “2 year old boy” related, ifyaknowwhatimean.  Peeing in inappropriate places, grabbing toys from his sister, spitting bath water all over the floor when mom goes to answer the phone…typical stuff.  However, every once in a while, we notice a regression of sorts concerning his anxiety of his loved ones being out of his sight.  Sometimes transitions are rough.  Saying goodbye to mommy still usually involved tears.  But, you know, Mommy is awesome, so I think someone should still cry over my absence.

Last month Trent and Carson went to a father/son overnight birthday party campout.  I told Asher they were gone for the night, but he must not have completely understood, because when he woke up in the morning and they weren’t there, he was very upset.  He cried a lot, was extra naughty, and when he was reprimanded he cried harder.  He was clearly…unsettled.  I thought all was well when Carson and Daddy came back, but for the last few weeks, Asher has been VERY attached to Carson.  He is concerned at all times where Carson is, and if he is gone: how soon will he come back.

When he is going to sleep lately, Asher will often being sobbing, calling out for his brother, sometimes saying “Carcar no bye-bye!”  (He calls his bro Carcar.)  Fortunately, it’s been summer, and big brother IS home.  When that happens, I call Carson in to the dark bedroom, and he sticks his almost-8-year-old hand through the slats in the crib and rubs his almost-3 year-old little brother’s arm and speaks really soft, sweet words to him.  These words and this tone are not often heard from my loud, smart-alecky big boy.   I tell you what, it is enough to break this mama’s heart in two.  There is an incredible bond between these two boys.  They look absolutely nothing alike, separated by five years and one day.  But they are true blue brothers.