I can’t believe it’s August already.  But, then again, yeah.  I can.  This summer has been a little rough for me and although I will miss the sun and warmth, I’m already looking forward to the routine and schedule that school brings, the changing leaves, the harvest decorations, the pumpkin-flavored baked treats.  Each day I have to remind myself to savor this season, to live in the moment, stop desiring a fast-forward until Carson has the stimulation of a classroom, until Sydney gains some maturity and loses her sassy attitude (but seriously, that’s probably gonna be around for many more years), or until Asher’s attachment transition time is a distant memory.  Yes, the days have been long and tiring and I wonder if I’ll ever have the time or energy to do anything fun or crafty or personal again ever.  But the days have also held some really fun and special moments, some firsts for our son that will never come again.  His first few months home when we are getting to know each other and watching him discover his new world are priceless, and I don’t want to wish them away, or worse–MISS them in my fog of complaint and emotional roller-coasters.
I haven’t been good at grabbing the camera, but here’s some photos from the last couple of weeks.  All of the kids really like the splash pads.  These concrete fountain/sprinkler designs are the perfect invention for a mom who’s a freakout about drowning.  Asher loves any water activities.  I’ll have to get a video of him at one of these things.  He purposely gets water in his face, then gasps and smiles and flaps his arms wildly!  We’ve been in a real pool a few times and he has gone from timid to dangerously fearless!  If you don’t hold his hand on the deck, he bolts at a fast clip for the edge of the pool. When we are in there waiting, he doesn’t exactly jump in, he tips over like a fallen tree, head first, just trusting that we’ll catch him.  He also LOVES being dunked under the water.  LOVES it!  Keeps his eyes and mouth wide open in a big smile, then comes back up and immediately says “More! More! More!”

 A few weekends ago we went to the beach with some friends.  We realized it was Asher’s first trip to the beach in the US!  But then I wondered…has he ever been to a beach at all?  It made me so curious to know if his foster family ever traveled to the ocean in Thailand?  We’ll probably never know.
 It was a beautiful and classic overcast day here in the Pacific Northwest.

 Unsurprisingly, Asher was immediately fond of the messy sand.  At home he gets in trouble for throwing sand.  Well, for throwing just about anything but a soft ball.  Then all of a sudden, it’s wet!  It’s slimy!  I’m digging and throwing and they are still smiling!

 This picture cracks me up!  I love it.
Happy boy!
Oh, Saggy Bottom Sydney.  Can’t keep her drawers up for anything.
He has the best smile!

Muscle man Carson found some jellyfish.

Cool girls.

Cool dads.

Cool forts. 

I’m trying to refrain from calling out to this picture and saying “Sydney!  Hands off! STOP TOUCHING ASHER!”  Oh heavens.  Does she ever love that boy.  All six kids played really well together.

 A few days after we got back, Carson lost tooth #2.  It was momentous enough to take a picture, but the tooth fairy forgot to come and the young man forgot to ask about it.  Oops.  Parenting fail.
This picture was taken just this morning, and I like the moment it captures.  Asher was suddenly quiet and attentive to something, which most often means trouble.  But this time he was fascinated by a little spider in our dirty sliding door rail thingy.  He watched it for quite a while.
 He didn’t want to touch it with his fingers, so he got good ol’ Buzz Lightyear out to do the touching and/or smashing.
I love when we have these moments.  These typical boy, non-adoption, non-attachment, non-anger related moments.  They are happening more and more and it makes my heart happy.  🙂
Speaking of making my heart happy, tonight after a well-rehearsed schpeel from me, my husband gave me the go-ahead to register for a conference coming up in January.  It is called Created for Care, and it is a retreat for adoptive moms–before and after placement. It’s to refresh, fill, rejuvenate, educate and minister to us mamas.  The more I read, the more I talked to people who have attended, the more I thought that this would be a good year for me to attend something like that.  The word of mouth vibe is that it is stellar and “a must.”  Apparently, they have about 450 spots that fill up in less than 24 hours.  We’re not exactly sure how we’re going to get me a flight to Atlanta in January, but I’m so grateful my hubby is willing to make it work, and I’m so happy to have something like this to look forward to.  If any of you other adoptive mamas (even in waiting!) are interested, registration is next week and I want some buddies there!  It is a Christian conference, so I know that won’t appeal to everyone, but I would love to experience it with friends.  Drop me a comment or note if you want more details!