Here’s a few grainy instagram pics that I just uploaded to the computer for your viewing enjoyment, and I have a couple detailed moments that I want to record for my own memory.  1: the morning after we came home, we all ate breakfast together, and everyone finished but me and Asher.  When I was done and said “All done!” and showed him my empty plate.  MY plate, happened to have Woody and Buzz Lightyear on it.  It caught his attention and he held his hand out to hold it.  I gave it to him and he very slowly and calmly picked up each little piece of fruit, every cheerio and every scrap of scrambled egg and moved it from his plain orange plate to the Toy Story plate.  Then he handed me the orange plate back. Ha!  2: We went to Lowe’s the first full day home (to get some urgently needed baby-proofing materials) and with all the stuff in that store to see–I mean, we passed an entire aisle stuffed with chandeliers and ceiling fans–the thing that caught Asher’s attention was a single mylar balloon, half deflated, marking some sale.  He squealed with delight and pointed and smiled and clapped.  Over one wimpy balloon.  It just made me excited to show him even more impressive things!
This is in the Seoul airport, when Asher was giving his Minky a drink of his water. Presh.
 This was a moment I was dreading (not as much as the plane ride, but still…) it was Asher’s first time ever buckled or strapped in to anything, anywhere.  It really went well!  He saw big bro and sis strap in and they were handing him treats all the way home from the airport, and he didn’t cry at all!  He whined and pulled at the shoulder straps (and you can see I didn’t have them as tight as they are supposed to be) but already he’s kind of accepted this form of transportation, despite the fact that it is way less fun than sitting on our laps pressing his face up against the fast moving scenery like he did in Bangkok.
We took the kids berry picking yesterday, and they had a cute little kiddie John Deere.  Ha!

Asher ate his share of strawberries.  Add this to the list of foods he likes.
I don’t know why, but this pic (below) cracks me up!  Carson with his legs crossed in the back seat like a little grown up.  He’s been so great this week.  Such a big helper.
I know.  Could you just die? My dear friend Kristen brought us dinner tonight, and the kids were finishing up playing in the pool.  She snapped this pic of us as I dried Asher off.  Earlier today my friend Catie reminded me that today is our LOVE DAY.  This is a term coined by our friend Wendy to represent the day we received our referral call and got to see our babies’ faces for the first time.  That day for us was exactly one year ago today, June 16, 2011.  I never would have imagined it would be another 11.5 months, many delays, and a record-breaking flood to recede before we met him face to face, but the time has finally come and here we are.  Happy love day, sweet boy!