So, in case you haven’t heard, forget everything I said about the private blog sitch.  It was much ado about nothing.  After messing around with all the settings, the permissions, and preparing to manually enter in over 200 email addresses of wonderful and supportive friends & family, I found out blogger only allows you to invite 50 people.  Wamp, wamp.

So, plan B, which was actually the original plan A, is that I will be blogging on our other blog, which is  Starting this week, I’m going to be posting over there, so I can get as comfortable as possible with the setup.  It is password protected, so there is still privacy for the pictures, which is what our agency cares about.  The password throughout our time in Thailand will be my maiden name, all lower case letters.  You’re still welcome to email me at if you’d like to ask for the password.  If you go over there right now you’ll see pictures of Sydney as I’m experimenting with the picture posting.  🙂

While I’m here, I want to give you #2 of my top 4 prayer requests, b/c this one is kind of a biggie.

Will you please pray for my Asher’s heart?

It’s kind of the biggest deal of this whole shindig.  See, just to recap if you’re just joining us, Asher has been living with a foster family in a rural area of Thailand since he was 4 days old.  A mom, dad, 2 big sisters and a 5 month old baby. Tomorrow he will turn 20 months.  This family has loved him, fed him, comforted him, played with him, lived life with him for as long as he can remember.  It is the only life he knows.  He’s only ever seen one other caucasian person, and he wasn’t too excited about her.  🙂  Our agency pursues adoption with birth relatives, then with Thai nationals (including, I understand, the foster family if they are interested or able) before allowing a child to be adopted into the US.  So I believe that coming into our family is now the best option for our son.  I believe he can heal and trust and bond and attach.

But, friends.  He is going to be so very sad.  And probably scared.  And hurt.  And sad some more.

I don’t know exactly what I’m hoping for, because it would be weird if he just walked in and smiled and hugged us.  Weird as in something is wrong in this child’s brain.  I guess I’m just praying that we will see progress in his attachment to us as quickly as possible, and that his grieving will not be prolonged, that he will begin to see us as a safe place.  We plan to comfort him as best as we can, while honoring and respecting the fact that he has every reason in the world to be freaking the heck out!  I don’t know what that’s going to look like.  Probably what gives both Trent and me the most anxiety is wondering how bad it will be and how–IF–we will be able to help our new son.

A friend of mine said she is praying that after looking at our pictures Asher will have dreams about us.  Another friend said she is praying that he will hear our voices (we sent a recording on a little pen) and recognize and be comforted by them.  And I guess I just ask that throughout this whole crazy month coming up that you will think of him and pray for him. Pray for peace in his heart and mind, and for us, that we will have wisdom and know how to comfort him.