Here’s a post for the grandmas & grandpas & aunts & uncles.
This is the first weekend in 7 that we will not be out of town, having a birthday party/Father’s Day/Referral, doing a garage or consignment sale. I’m quite happy to be past the craziest part of our summer! The last 2 weekend we were at the coast and the mountain, respectively, first with Trent’s extended family and then with my family. I had my camera on me a lot more on the mountain, but got a few pics of the beach weekend too!
The highlight of beach weekend for Sydney was having Baby McKenna there! They are…second cousins? Their dads are cousins. It was a mutual entertainment for the most part.

G.G. with her 2 great-granddaughters. And a doll.

Gorgeous, gorgeous day at the coast!Auntie Tata and Riley–whom the kids think is their other cousin.
Cousin Kevin entertained Carson endlessly by building little villages and then inventing nature weapons to destroy said villages.
Denae has the patience to wait for Sydney’s extended shyness to end…then they were best buds!
Chasing Auntie Shell in a pick-up game of beach baseball. 4 generations!

Now to Mt. Hood!
These boys have been coming on this trip since they were in utero.


This picture feels very Mark Twain-esque to me.

All 8 kids loved playing in this lovely, shallow creek!

These are the kids as they were almost done with their traditional treasure hunt. Henry is especially loving it.

Dirt, water, rocks, sticks? 2 year old boy is in heaven!
As Aunt Steph said, this picture really captures JACK!

The lake was so shallow, the daddies waded out and pulled the kids in the rafts. They loved it!
This girl takes her relaxing very seriously. Look at those divas! Ethan is giving Trent a good splash.

Beautiful Pacific Northwest!

My stubborn girl didn’t want to walk back to the campsite, but since I was already carrying the tricycle she abandoned, I couldn’t carry her as well. This was our stand-off.

Nina is the queen of fancy S’mores! I wish I had a picture of her fixing them up. We all loved them! Jojo was showing Sydney the finer art of tasting sticky marshmallows.

You don’t have to ask her twice.

Oh yeah. that’s the good stuff. This was right before we went home. We were flithy and stunk like smoke, but we had a great weekend! Why, yes, we bribed the kids with sugar to hold still for a picture. Except for poor Wyatt in the front row–we hadn’t given him a sucker yet. This was the moment he realized….