Oh, poor, forgotten middle child. When her brother moved out of his crib, it was front page news. Syd’s been sleeping in her big girl bed for almost a week and I’m finally getting around to posting about it. Par for the course, her transition was significantly lower-maintenance than Carson’s. She has slept every night and naptime without getting out on her own, but still calling for me to come and get her. Carson felt that wall fall down like Jericho and practically yelled “FREEDOM!” So, I’m pleasantly surprised by this switch, and also really grateful to our friends the Tiffins for giving us this bed! It’s perfect until we figure out what our future bedroom/sleeping arrangements will be. Also, you can see we still have the crib in her room, as we plan to use it for her little bro/sis, but don’t have a place to store the crib–even in it’s breakdown form.


In this picture she looks so long and lanky–she truly looks like the 3 years she’ll be in June. But even though this pic was taken before I remembered to turn the flash on, it’s my fave because of her POSE. Girl is a POSER!

Poser in a Big Girl Bed!