So, no news yet. For reals. But it’s all good! We’ve got a lot of “March” left.

JUST IN CASE we have something to share later this week, Trent and I have been toying with the idea of a password protected site for whenever we happen to get pictures of our little peanut. I’ve never been exactly sure what the protocol is for that, but I know that I love, love LOVE seeing pics of my friends’ Thai children who have yet to be brought home forever. I want you, our family and friends, to experience that excitement with us–but feel a desire for a bit of security, especially at the beginning of this next step in the waiting process.

So to add a level of privacy, I’ve set up a separate blog address where we can password protect each post. If you want to check it out, I’ve done a trial post just to see if people can figure it out. If it’s way too much work, or people can’t get ahold of me to figure out the password, then maybe we’ll just end up posting the pics on here–with approval from our agency, of course. Or maybe we’ll use the site for other private information. Who knows?

So, here’s the link:

The password is my maiden name. If I’m friends with you on FB, you should know it. If you would like it, please leave a comment on this post on how I can get in touch with you, or email me at

Let me know how it works for you! like I said–just an experiment so far.