So yesterday was the first day of our countdown. It was to make Caramel Apple Balls. I saw this on some crafty blog, can’t remember which one, and it looks SO fun and SO yummy. Well…let’s just say it was fun, and kind of yummy, but basically the end result was a big DUD.
But how cute is this, despite the messy kitchen? So the concept is: melt a bunch of caramels in a saucepan, use a melon baller to scoop out apples in a circle or, more like 2/3 circle. Pat them dry with a paper towel, put skewer in, dip in caramel–DELISH, right?! And so much easier to eat than an entire caramel apple.
And for a while, I had my hopes up. Not too bad. But then I read on someone’s site they said they should be refrigerated immediately. Well, our fridge does not have any 15 inch tall shelf openings, so we needed to change our plan…
So we went horizontal. And to be honest, the ones that went into the fridge did hold up the longest. But, by 9pm, almost ALL the caramel had slipped right off the apples, and it was basically apple balls with skewers sitting in a pool of caramel. 🙁 Boo! Not sure if it was that the caramel was too cheap, that we didn’t refrigerate quickly enough, long enough, was the caramel too hot, too cool? Not sure.
But as with MOST family activities, the joy is in the journey! And this kid had some fun on this little journey. He didn’t even notice when he woke up this morning that all 30 were in the trash!

And here’s just a little bonus pic of my sweet hubby making french toast with the kids last weekend. He’s SO much better at letting them help out in the kitchen than I am! Then again, french toast is about all he makes. 😉 Love you, Babe!