paint 1 number 5

FIFTEEN is my new favorite number.

Why? You may ask. Because it means


I waited to post until we got this news, but our dossier went to DC and back in record time. Such an answer to prayer! It was all so unknown and SO out of our control–I told Trent I’d be happy to be on the wait list by Carson’s birthday (Sept 22). Our courier came through, the papers were back in my hands within 10 days, I overnighted them to the Holt offices to be received yesterday. They were super efficient and processed it all within a day and we were informed today that it is on it’s way to Thailand, and we are family #15 on the wait list to be matched with a child in the program. People. This is a HUGE step! HUGE. Getting that dossier out of my hair feels like I just lost 10 lbs. (If only!)

I will try to articulate my understanding of the wait/match process in a post very soon. (The wait is estimated to be 9-12 months, then another 9-10 months until we can travel.) But right now I don’t want to articulate, I just want to

PS: I had a fun post earlier that I took off and will repost in a couple days, b/c I wanted this news to take precedent.