We love our splash parks!

Daddy wouldn’t rest until Carson had legit soccer cleats, shin guards and soccer socks. Looks pretty good, huh? He’s been doing a soccer camp each Tuesday night.

Mommy went WAY against type and agreed to a SPONTANEOUS trip the kid’s museum in town. The techno room:

The bubble room:

The make believe room with costumes and a stage:

The safari guide and the toucan:

Just my colorful kids doing their thing in the backyard:

A rare moment of affection for the camera:

Our trip to the beach was a mixed bag. A post for another day. Good sand, good friends, good fun. But approx 150 cars and trucks parked on the beach and so much fog we couldn’t see the ocean. Won’t be going to that particular haunt anytime soon.

But turn away from the parking lot on the sand and the socked in beach and you get a lovely shot of my sweets!