Something strange happened this weekend. It is hard for me not to sound overly dramatic, but I just want to recap the situation for you.

At the beginning of July, we have a $3,000 payment due to our adoption agency. We had a little bit of money that could go to that payment, but then a)I dented the van, b)Trent imapled his finger with a lawn thatching spike and we had to take an unplanned trip to the emergency department and c)Carson evidently has very crammed teeth and has 2 little cavities that need to be filled. Three unexpected financial burdens. I was concerned but not panicked. I poured my energy and time into this insane garage sale, which was to begin with a downpour of rain on Friday. Trent (bless his heart) told me he would be happy with $800 from the sale. I was telling people I was hoping for $1000, but secretly wishing we could make $1500 to get us closer to that payment.

We ended up making just around $3050. The EXACT amount of our payment. In our pockets, ready to go. I will never believe that was a coincidence. Rory used a phrase I’d never heard: God funds what He favors. And that was just it.

Throughout these last 5 months of a brand new journey and leap of faith, I’ve been rejuvenated and found a new passion. But a few times I’ve had to search my heart and ask Trent and myself difficult questions, like WHY are we doing this? Is this for our glory and attention? We’ve learned so much about adoption and loss and trauma and attachment, and I found myself asking: Do we have what it takes to parent an adopted child? Was I convincing myself that this was God’s will when really I was just reacting emotionally to the Haiti earthquake?

With the results of our sale–especially the way that the financial gain was a direct result of DOZENS of people pitching in to help–I felt almost a physical peace that my God was saying, “I approve. You are doing what I’ve asked you to do. Now just keep going and trust Me.” It may sound overly dramatic or silly-spiritual to you, but that’s the way I feel. We are proceeding in His favor, and I cannot think of a better place to be.

But wait..there’s more! To be continued…