I’m not a super messy person, but I’m not necessarily a very tidy person either. I’ve commented on this blog previously about my housekeeping skills–or lack thereof. Every day I spend some time tidying up, starting at the front door and working my way to the back of the house. And I never make it to the back of the house, which is our master bedroom. Right before Christmas, I set out a little table in a corner of our room to stash my crafty supplies for several projects I was working on. And the table and the stash never got put away. In fact, it grew and morphed into something that was
TOTALLY. OUT. OF. CONTROL: We are on a very strict budget right now, but if I had a few hundred extra bucks, I would buy armoires and shelving for my whole house and garage! I love new storage, especially in this little house with closets half the size of the showers. So, I’ve been patiently combing craigslist for some afforadble sort of storage for my mountain o’ crafts, and found something just about perfect for $45. It’s smaller than it looked online, but it will get the job done. TADA!
Hiding is the same as cleaning, right? Looking at this takes me to my happy place!