We had a great visit from our dear college friend Diane last week. Carson, especially, got over his “shyness” (huge quotes on that one) quickly and I was so busy making sure he didn’t break any of her bones as he was impressing her with his acrobatic skills that I didn’t take many pics. Here is one later in the evening as Syd gave Di a good cuddle since she had the bottle. 🙂 I’ve always heard about the Junction City Scandinavian Festival from Diane, who grew up in that small Oregon town. I also read her friend Karen’s hilarious blog entry about the festival last week. Although I still have not experienced the joy firsthand, my kids can now speak with authority on the JCSF. I had a special gift in that Aunt Michelle & Aunt Tara took the Monkey & the Bird for a few hours last Friday. They met up with Mimi & GG (great-grandma Evelyn) and went to the infamous JCSF.
Evidently, one of the festival’s most popular items are the aebelskivers. “Huh?” You say? Exactly. You can read all about them here.
All you really need to know is that they are a sweet pastry that may or may not have some apple and definitely has butter, dough, sugar, etc. And also? Sydney likes them.
(That’s Tara. Hi Tara!)
A lot.
From what I hear, we’re talking: LOVES them.

And it looks like Carson is also a fan! Hope you are proud Di! Thanks to my sweet in-laws for giving me a few precious hours of alone time. Glad to see my little darlings all hopped up on Scandinavian sugar when they got back!