Today I went out on a limb and took Carson to pick berries with me. I tried to keep my expectations low, even though I wanted to get enough to make some jam. I LOVE raspberries, and I LOVE homemade jam. He did really well! I would say we were out there for almost an hour, which is impressive for him. He was restless at first, then kind of got into it after tons of exaggerated compliments from me about his gorgeous berries and what a good job he was doing. (Also, I let him pee on the edge of the field, which is a special treat. People, don’t judge. There were NO port-a-pots around.)

Don’t they look delish?!

And just for a little Bird-fix, here she is exploring her musical heritage. Unfortunately, she seems hesitant about my influence. Am I pushing her too hard?

On Wednesdays and/or Thursdays this summer, we’ve been letting Carson stay up a little past his bedtime to watch a few dances on So You Think You Can Dance. He is a huge fan and is quite an active watcher, as you can see. He tries to copy the style and moves that are on the screen at the time. This video was taken during the Bollywood number, which you can see reflected in his sa-weet moves.