OH, man. Lots of stuff going on around here. This week we have been hanging out with my aunt, uncle & cuz visiting from Southern Cal. They are so fun we drop everything to spend as much time as we can with them! On Thursday we went for a hike at Silver Falls. About 2 hours after we got home, we saw a tornado warning for exactly where we had been hiking! A huge thunderstorm hit our neighborhood and went from sunny to practically hurricane weather in about 5 mintues. It was crazy! Glad we made it out to the falls when we did.Also, last week while I was up in Beaverton for the Cousins’ Closet consignment sale, I got my hair cut. It’s a little shorter than I expected, so it will be just right in about 2 weeks. 🙂

But the big news in our house is that we got a new mini-van. OH yes. We are now mini-van owners, and proud of it, thankyouverymuch. Trent and I have paid our dues, by driving old cars (his is the same since college!) for several years. We’ve been saving our pennies to pay for as much with cash as possible, and re-working our budget to finance the rest, since we’ve never had a car payment. Trent, bless his heart, is a VERY. THOROUGH. Consumer. We began the research/shopping/buying process in January-February, and I’m still in shock that he was able to pull the trigger. For months he could quote all kinds of statistics about new and used Siennas and Odysseys, and we finally got an offer we just couldn’t refuse. It has some bonus features that we didn’t need, but sure are loving! But the best part is just the extra room and space, especially when we go camping or on longer trips. Fun stuff!

Also huge news is that Sydney is crawling! She took her sweet time and I’ve loved having her non-mobile for longer than Carson was. But we are very proud of her and it’s fun watching her get around the house and figure out her new-found freedom.

So, that’s the news around here! We have lots more videos that I hope to post soon. Happy June, everyone!