Do you guys have that screensaver thing that rotates through one of your pictures files? I have mine set to rotate through my ENTIRE picture folder, which is several hundred pics. This one flashed up the other day and I had completely forgotten about it. It was the summer of ’07, and Carson and I got to go to California with my parents for a family wedding. It was the week before my 30th birthday. We also got to spend some fun time with my aunt, uncle, cousin and grandma. This is at my Aunt & Uncle’s house (sorry, Leota, if I’m making you miss that house!). We went for a dip one warm afternoon and Carson, 22 months, was chillin’ on this little floaty seat. You know the way most of you people feel about puppies? I feel that way about kids and babies. I LOVE them! I want to hold almost every baby I see and any child whom I know personally is going to get kissed. I kiss my own children’s heads, arms, faces, feet, hands & legs about 50 times a day. So, not only am I kind of a fan of this picture because it’s me in a swimming suit without exposing too much, but I love the moment it captures of me lovin’ on my little man. And look at him! Is he lovin’ life or what?