Some of you remember that conversation when C-man was a little constipated. Today we had a variation of it. I heard this from our master bathroom:

“Mom! This toilets not working! I need to move to the other potty!”

So we moved his bare bum to the toddler pot in the front bathroom. As usual when trying to have a movement, Carson says:
“Please leave me alone.”
A few minutes later:
“Mom! This potty’s not working either! I need to try the big potty!”

So he moved again to the big toilet and sat and concentrated and grunted for a few minutes. Finally:
“Hey Mom! This toilet’s working! I went poop!”

Maybe toilets are magical. Who knows?

BTW, this morning at 5:45 am, Carson woke up calling out that he needed to go poop. Evidently, the “toilet” wasn’t working then either, because he produced nothing, but also produced no further sleep.