Here are a few random things that have made me laugh out loud lately.

First, you may have seen this video, but it is worth watching again.

Second, my friend Mrs. Towne mentioned this blog in HER blog, and I was cracking up as I made my way through several of the posts. It’s not just the cakes, but her comments that make this a winner.

And lastly, a laugh-out-loud in my own bathroom. The conversation went like this the other day when Carson was on his toddler pot having the unusual problem of not being able to go #2:

Carson: Mom, go in the other room.
Me: OK. (hidden smile)
A few minutes lapse. I do hear some grunts.
Carson: Mom. Come back.
Me: What’s wrong?
Carson: I don’t know, it’s just that my bottom’s not working.
Me: (More hidden smiles) OK, well, why don’t you keep trying.
Carson: OK. (grunt) You get out of here.
Me to myself: gladly.
About a minute later.
Carson: MOm! My bottom’s working again!
Me: Good!
Carson, waving his arms and wrinkling up his nose: Oh! It stinks in here! It smells like…[and here is the funniest part. He truly, honestly, was trying to FIGURE OUT what was causing the sudden bad odor. He had a quizzical look on his face and was searching for the end of that sentence, when he says in TOTAL SURPRISE:] POOP!
Me: Fall off the toilet lid laughing.