She’s here! Sydney Paige Tompkins made her debut yesterday morning at 9:41 am. She weighed in at 7 lbs, 12 oz. Even after all that “get ready” yada yada on my previous post, turns out I did not really think she was ready, so I was pretty surprised when my contractions started coming on strong yesterday morning between 4-5pm. I woke Trent up at 5 and told him we’d better get packed. I’ll probably post some of the fun details between 5 and 9:41 (the stuff that really only mothers and other newish mothers care about) later, but not today! I’ll sum up to say that the labor and delivery for Carson and for Sydney were like DAY and NIGHT, and that’s a good thing. It was still painful and difficult, but it was SO much faster. I felt a familiar overwhelming sense of gratitude and relief when she was out and healthy. We’ve learned that to carry a baby from conception to a healthy, full-term infant is truly a miracle and a blessing. I’m tired and sore, but thankful. Also, I’m a geek, because 3 hours later I asked if anyone had a laptop so I could blog. 🙂 Check out Mike’s blog for more pics, but here are a couple to hold you over.