My dad has a saying. When he knows he needs to get something done, he’ll take some kind of action or announcement or purchase that takes him past the point of no return. The saying is “I threw my shoes over the fence.” In other words, I don’t really want to go over the fence, but now that my shoes are over there, I have to. This weekend, I am making a blognouncement that we are officially beginning potty training this week. I’m hoping that by telling all of you, you will keep checking in and we’ll stick with it. I’m throwing my shoes over the fence. 🙂
I know that being 9 months pregnant and then having a newborn may not be the best time to go for this big undertaking, but Carson is giving us crystal clear signs that he is ready. At least 4 times in the last week he has stopped one of us, or grandma, in public to say that he has to go to the bathroom, and wants to go right now. He has even gone #2 on the toilet in our house twice. Now, he only tells us about once a day that he has to go. The rest of the day (how many pees is that?!) he is perfectly content to go in his diaper. So, it’s not like we have this in the can. (Haha. I’m so funny.)
My last day of teaching is Tuesday, so we plan to start on Wednesday. I’m writing now in case some of you with older kids (especially boys) can give me any of your success tips or ideas.
Here are some pictures of recent events leading up to the big training. The thing is, we have TWO toddler size potty seats–one stand alone chair and one for the big toilet. And yet, he likes this method. Go figure. So, stay tuned for what I’m sure will be some very funny and probably gross updates on the PT. (potty training)