Ever since college I have loved magazines. I love reading in general, and it extends past my English lit degree to the trivial pleasures of reading fresh-off-the-stand magazines. Currently, I have a subscription to 4 magazines, and would have more if I had the $$$. I wouldn’t say these four areas summarize me completely, but they provide a very genuine glimpse into the mind of Jen. Today, something happened that has never happened before. They ALL came on the SAME day! I’m a happy girl. (This is especially good timing as today at lunch I finished reading A Thousand Splendid Suns and it was so intense and depressing that I either needed some Tina Fey or I was going to have to re-read some early Harry Potter stuff.) Here’s my 4 mags: Creating Keepsakes (scrapbooking), Simple and Delicious (easy recipes), Entertainment Weekly and Parents. (I also receive a free subscription to Parenting–I forgot about that one, but it is the same idea.)