We are finally home after a great vacation, and now I need another vacation to recover! I have 212 pictures (mostly from Disneyland), so I know there will be many picture posts coming. A few of the highlights were seeing friends and family–sometimes only for one night, sometimes for a few days; Disneyland was a blast; had a little baby shower for me and my friend Stephanie who is due the same week I am; Carson never woke up later than 6:40 am the entire 9 days (and 6:40 was only once–usually 6:15 on the dot); and just being in sunny So. Cal and eating our fave restaurants, seeing some of our fave people and enjoying the weather was awesome. Much more detail to come!
This is most of the Gang gathered for a BBQ in Huntington Beach.
2 days at Disney! One at Disneyland and one at California Adventure. This is a classic 1955 ride–Dumbo!
The Tompkins left EARLY in the morning (Carson was awake anyway!) before meeting up with 18 of our friends; we were there to see Mickey by the time the park opened. This is us on the tram from the parking lot.