It’s actually not from this time around, but when I was preggo with Carson….

It was July, so I was about 7 months big. It was July, so it was HOT. One of my best friends, Howie, came to visit from Cali, and she got me one of the best gifts ever…a pregnancy massage! She just looked on the yellow pages for somewhere in Portland that provides regular massages and some for pregnant girlies, and we followed the address to a sketchy looking building near Front street. For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of it. When we saw the building, we were a little nervous, it shared the store front with a Plaid Pantry with some interesting clientel.

Anyway, it turns out, after getting past the waiting room which was smaller than my closet, the massage rooms were AMAZING! They were beautiful and clean and–at least mine, the only one I saw personally, but Howie liked hers too–had a HUGE bathroom as part of it, with a jacuzzi tub, big shower and a sauna, along with other bathroom things. “My” gal told me to take about a 15 minute bath in the jacuzzi, which she had already filled for me (with warm–not hot water–she was so in tune with pregnancy faupax), then get in my bathroom and wait for her. I did this, and then she came back and we started the massage.

I need to back up. I had been lucky enough to borrow some great maternity clothes from a few different people. In order to keep track of whose was whose, I put little round stickers on the tags with their names on it. The day before, I had sung at a funeral, and worn a black dress that was borrowed.

Back to the massage. Right after she started massaging my back, she said hesitantly, “Now…what was your name again?” “Jen,” I said. “It’s just that there’s a little sticker on your upper back that says ‘Tami.'”

OOPS! In my warm pregnancy hormones and hot summer weather, I must have sweated that little sticker right off of Tami’s dress, and it STUCK TO ME for almost 24 hours, even through a shower AND bath. Oh, dear. It was embarassing, but funny. She said she’d never had that happen before. Tami got a kick out of it too.