And power is dangerous! It’s fascinating to see how quickly Carson is learning about the computer. He has seen us working with it his whole life, and since the time he was an infant, he would sit with us and be mesmerized by pictures. His MO for most of his toddlerhood has been “command navigation,” which consisted of: I want pictures! I wanna see “E” or “Enry.” (His friends on other blogs.) I wanna see ME! I wanna see puppies! I want horses! (You Tube has opened Pandora’s box for us.) Well, just in the last few weeks, Carson has begun learning about the mouse and the curser and how they work together. In fact, he’s gotten so good, that he can scroll down an entire blog page with the little wheel on the middle of the mouse. He can even stop when he sees a video and play it for himself. He doesn’t know how to change the page, though. This is great for me, because now I can walk away and he’ll play contentedly with the computer for a few minutes.

Last night, I set this blog up for him on a page with some old videos and left the room to actually have an adult conversation with Trent. Soon, Carson came in with two full-page, color print-outs of the picture of me from my blogger profile! WHAT?!?!? “HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!” We weren’t mad, just amused, suprised and concerned of what this could mean in the future! Then we found two more print-outs in the computer room, with the screen flashing that we were out of paper…or else there would be more enlarged photos of 4 year old me waving to the camera. Somehow, he had clicked on the ID photo, then figured out the print command. I still do not know how he did it, or how many times he told it to print. So much for setting up the computer and leaving the room. Soon he’ll be ordering Elmo toys on eBay without me knowing. As you can see, he was pretty proud of his new discovery. And I’m thinking I need a new profile photo.