Don’t you love Saturdays? I love them. And this is the first one in quite some time that we have been home and Trent hasn’t had to work. I don’t really notice anyone else who notifies the rest of the blog world about their mundane daily updates, but I feel the need to post every few days and when nothing thrilling has happened, well…you get “Saturday with the Tompkins.”

We finally got around to painting the front door today–of course we chose a rainy and cold day. Perfect! Bye-bye, fuscia. I didn’t remember to take any pictures of the door after the paint. I’ll save that for another slow news day. Carson has become the ultimate poser. When we were with some Bible study families at the pumpkin patch the other day, another mom was trying to get her son to smile for the camera. The other kid (older than C) wouldn’t slow down or look at her, but Carson walked right up to her and slapped on his cheesiest grin. She took a picture of my son, the ham, out of obligation, I suppose. (The jacket and boots have become our go-to outdoor fall combo.)
Yeah! Pumpkin carving!
In addition to posing himself, Carson also now will PULL you into the shot and say ” ‘Mile, Daddy!” ” ‘Mile, Mommy!”
I am wearing Trent’s shirt because of the pumpkin goo and a hat because it was cold in the house because the front door was open while the paint was drying. Carson wouldn’t wear his hat. Even though I just bought it for him. At full price. Which I never do. Sigh.