We finally got a chance to go for a walk today. Walks are different now. It used to be a time of exercise for me, with Carson in a stroller. He is no longer content in a stroller for longer than, oh, I’d say about 10 yards. Actually, make that 10 feet. So walks are now to explore and for both of us to get some fresh air, even if it’s not getting my heart rate up. Today Carson was sporting his new hat from Sarah and Tommy! (Directly from NYC, I might add.) He was proudly wearing the Yankee logo, and looked like a bonafide little boy. Thanks, guys!

We passed an old rain gutter (is that what you would call it?) and I showed Carson what would happen if I dropped a leaf inside, down into the water below. Well, that opened the pandora’s box of a 2 year old’s mind, so we stayed on this corner gutter for about 15 mintues. Carson put everything he could find into those little slits in the drain. I didn’t mind, though. I went a little camera crazy. As Mike would remind me, overcast skies are great for photos.