…to my new favorite show, and EMMY WINNER: 30 Rock. I know I’ve chatted up many of you about this show, because I started loving it when it premiered last fall. I think that creator/writer/lead actress Tina Fey is one of the funniest women in show business, and this show is my new comfort television. We bought the first season on DVD and I’ve already watched the whole thing once and some of my favorite episodes twice. Last night the show won an Emmy for best comedy series, and I literally gave them a shout-out. Really, I shouted. You need to check it out, because many of the laughs are of the “you-had-to-be-there” variety, and when I describe to you how funny it was when Isabella Rosellini declared her love for Arby’s Big Beef and Cheddar, or when PeeWee Herman cameod as a inbred Eastern European prince…it’s just not as funny as seeing it yourself.

Here’s one of my favorite scenes: