For those of you who dabble in country music stations, have you heard a song by Martina McBride that has a lyric about “waking up laughing”? I’ve heard it a few times, and although it is a nice, feel-good song, that line always ruins the song for me. I can think of a few (could probably count on one hand) times when I have woken up in a very nice mood, happy to face the day and ready to go. Even considering those rare occassions, I can NEVER remember waking up laughing. Who DOES that?

Also, on a totally separate note, Carson started saying two new things this weekend while we were camping with Trent’s family over at WiNeMa. First, and I think he picked this up by hanging out with a bunch of other toddlers, he started calling us Mommy and Daddy instead of Mama and Dada. But my favorite new thing is that he would come over to my chair, hunch over and hold up one finger with his eyebrows raised and say “I be yite back.” This was a clear instruction for me to let him go on his own, because if I was suspicious and started to get up to follow, he would hold up his hand with the international sign language for “stop right there” and say “No! Stay!” I have a feeling we’re going to have to add “Stop being bossy” to our repertoire of instructions. Although…he comes by it honestly. 🙂