Carson is 18 months old today, as you smarter folks picked up from the title of this post. I wanted to capture on film the energy, curiosity, passion, intensity, stubbornness, humor and love that he has and exhibits every day. But instead, I got a bunch of pictures of him with a stick. However, some of them do hint towards a few of those descriptive nouns. I am continually amazed with how God programs each of us with such unique traits and tendencies, and how someone so young can be so full of personality. We are incredibly blessed, and totally in love with this little man. Ironically, I’m writing this as we’ve had kind of a long day. (Read: Carson woke up several times in the night, then for good at 5:30am, then threw several full-body tantrums, refusing to eat any foods other than rice cakes and grape juice.) But even in those moments when he makes me so mad I either want to scream, cry or walk out the door, my love for him (and God’s grace) takes over. But the next person to ask when we’re going to have “another one” is going to get hit with this stick. At 5:30 am.
Look out bad guys. Here I come.

Huh. I can leave a drag mark in the gravel. Cool.
And I can THROW it! Yeah!
This is the first and last time I’m smiling for you, lady.
Let me sit here and ponder all the destruction I can cause with three feet of wood.

Ninja in training.

I was just kidding, guys! I’m really sweet.
Walk away quickly. She looks like she’s getting ready to take the stick away.