The picture below really has nothing to do with this post. It’s just a funny pic of Carson in our new family room with his newish chair. But, back to the topic at hand, I had two nice long drives today, which is becoming a regular thing, and I began thinking back on all the wierd things I’ve done while driving. Especially when I lived in So. Cal. and would be stuck in traffic everywhere I went. Now that I have a child, I have toned down my risky ways, and limit myself to my two driving vices: drinking ($4 coffee, water or pop, people) and talking on the phone, but I try to limit that to long, straight stretches on I-5. But these are some things I can remember doing while driving in the past:
Eating, of course
Putting on make-up
Changing clothes
Changing PANTY HOSE (which, and the ladies will back me up on this, is harder than clothes)
Adjusted the seat cover, below the seat
Buttered a bagel
Signed a card (with message and signature, and, obviously, sealed card in envelope)
Wrapped an entire gift (with wrapping paper–not a gift bag)
UNwrapped gifts and also FedEx boxes
Made a bottle; gave bottle/binky/snacks to my son in the back seat (OK, that one was after the kid was born, but it was for his benefit–and I was really careful)
Searched for CD’s in all corners of the car
Read a magazine
Read sheet music along with CD in stereo
Paid bills

So, what have YOU done while driving that you are ashamed/slightly proud of?