Several years ago, my mom told me about something she read. It said that one should try to find small delights everyday…things that make you smile. The author called them TJ’s: Tiny Joys. So, since then, she and I have often shared with each other a “TJ” that we had experienced. (Sidebar: this acronym was truly challenged for me last year when I had a student named TJ who embodied the negative aspects of Dennis the Menace, Sid fom Toy Story, and Willie AND Nellie Olsen from “Little House On the Prairie.” I kid you not.) Since having Carson, he gives us so many TJ’s everyday that it’s impossible to even count. My favorite today was when he sat next to me on the couch chattering away happily to himself with all kinds of chitchat and playing with the newspaper. You don’t realize what a wonderful thing this is! He was PLAYING with the paper, not trying to EAT the paper. Moments like this so far outweigh the TF’s (tiny frustrations) and MF’s (major frustrations) it’s not even close. Here’s some recent pictures of the boy on the go. Couldn’t love him more.