If that title doesn’t get you to read this post, I don’t know what would. I was SO excited about how many people commented on my dog conspiracy theory. I truly didn’t know that many people check up on me every once in a while. I love you guys! Then I started getting sentimental and thinking of songs (as I do when I get sentimental) and thought of several, including “What a wonderful world” I think it’s called. You know, someone sings a boring version of it on American Idol each year. “I see trees of green, red roses too, yada, yada….” Then I realized, I don’t really know the title of the song. Obviously, I don’t really know the lyrics. I don’t really know who sings it. I thought it was a cute, rotund, older black guy. Armstrong? Louie Armstrong? Which reminded me of Lance Armstrong or some other Louie who is a rotund WHITE guy who doesn’t sing but does off-colored comedy. (And something about a cartoon version?) Perhaps I should have called this post “Stream of consciousness.” Anyway, back to the black singer guy: is he the same one who plays trumpet and puffs his cheeks WAY out? I only remember him because he had a cameo on The Cosby Show one time. All this to say: I love you guys! Oh, and because we still don’t have the camera in our posession to post pics of Carson, here is an older pic because no one should go long without looking at my cute baby.

This is when Trent zerberts his tummy and his face of horror soon turns into major giggles.