I have two things to say. First, I am FREAKING out because I can’t find my camera. It has been almost a week and I haven’t taken any pictures of Carson and he is starting to crawl! We’re going to have to break into the savings account if it is lost, because I can’t really function without my digital camera.

Secondly, and back to the topic here, I realized this morning as I was requesting a $40 fill-up at the gas station that I have (and I think you all have) different “voices” used for different purposes in life. There’s my Gas Station voice: “Hi-ee! Could you fill it up with regular unleaded please?” in a high-pitched smiley way like I’m Rebecca from Sunnybrook Farm or something. This is similar to my Work Phone voice. Then there’s my Cathing Up With Old Friends voice, which is sassy, lower pitched, and super fast, with a lot of “ifyaknowwhatImean’s” thrown in for humor. (Secondwind, I’m thinking of you here.) Then there is my Worship Leader voice, which I try to be slower, more thoughtful, normal pitched and contemplative. (I know that’s reduntant with thoughtful, but that’s the general feel I can recall as I look back on my stage voice.) I also have a Carson voice, which, contrary to some baby-talk, does not substitute w’s for r’s or l’s. (ie: goodness gwacious my sweet wittle baby). It’s just kind of high, very repetetive and pretty much is a string of questions I know he won’t answer. “Is that a bird? Do you see the bird? What’s the bird doing? Do you see the bird?” etc. When I was in the classroom, I had a Teacher voice. It was (I like to think) firm and LOUD with eyebrows frequently raised. I’m sure there’s more. So, do share…what “voices” do you have?