1. All you need is to add Point of Grace’s THIS DAY to make me really cry over how fast your little ones are growing up. These videos made me smile, get teary and remember to cherish THIS DAY!

  2. Jen, you probably don’t hear it often enough, but you are admired by many. I think you are an incredible mom. Tenacious, patient, fun, consistent, determined, loving, and resilient. You are very Erma Bombeck…making us laugh and cry the whole way. You’re top notch in my book. Still waiting for The Grapes In the Oven Diaries…

  3. AH! I love those babies! Which they still are, of course. I LOVE that video of Carson – one of my all time favs.

    Wyatt is 8 months in a few days…what?!?!

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