I’ve always been a talker, but I’ve been so honored that God has opened the door in the past few years for me to also begin “speaking.”  Like, from the stage!  With notes and a microphone!  Sometimes I even wear a blazer.  

I have a passion for connecting with other women and encouraging them in their roles and their walk with the Lord.  Often when I study God’s Word, it will speak to me in a brand new way, and I just want to grab the next person I see and shake them by the shoulders and say “Listen to this!  Can you believe this?!”  Fortunately, I’ve learned to share my excitement about the Bible without shaking too many people, and I have found great joy in speaking and teaching about how God’s Word impacts our daily lives.  I’ve had the opportunity to teach at women’s retreats all over the Pacific Northwest. 

If you have questions or would like to contact me about speaking for your event, I would love to talk.  You can click on the “contact me” link above and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

These are some of my favorite topics, but I am open to molding a message around your desired topic or passage of Scripture.

Retreat Themes (3-4 messages)

  • Secrets of Pure Joy–A verse by verse study of the book of Philippians.  Paul says he has learned the secret to being content, and we dig into this book to learn more about the secret of having joy in all circumstances.
  • A Living Faith–The book of James is full of practical instruction for believers in how to WALK THE WALK, not just talk the talk.  Jen will highlight important themes from the book written by the brother of Jesus, including joy in suffering, controlling the tongue, and the importance of our actions matching our profession of faith.
  • My Only Aim–In Acts 20:24, Paul summarizes his life’s goal: to die to himself and spend his whole life testifying to the good news of Jesus Christ.  We will break down this verse, connecting it with other passages in the New Testament, so we can apply his singular focus to our own lives.
  • Anchored–Based on the theme verse of Hebrews 6:19, “We have this hope as an anchor for our souls, firm and secure.”  What does it mean to be anchored?  By focusing on different passages in the New Testament, we dig deep on the concept of being anchored in hope, wisdom and peace. (A 4th topic would be very possible.) 
  • Esther– Esther had profound confidence and calm in a world that didn’t value women for anything more than their appearance.  What can we learn from this dramatic book of the Bible that will help us ground our identity in God? 

Stand Alone Single Messages

  • Ephesians 6 and the Sword of the Spirit
  • Female Friendships–How can we do this well?
  • Practical Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage (including sex talk!)
  • Moms in the Fray–Living at the End of our Rope
  • Steadfast–How the Lord is steadfast, and how we CAN be.

If you’d like to have me speak at your shindig, please reach out to me at this LINK

Highlights from the Secrets of Pure Joy messages on the book of Philippians.
Steadfast–A message for a women’s event in November 2020.