IMG_0280BONUS  Moment #5: I never, ever, EVER remember that there are two “r’s” in the word embarrassing until spell check reminds me.  Never.

#4:  Because of their frustratingly similar packaging–darn you, Target UP brand!–I literally opened and touched a glue stick to my face instead of the kids sunscreen face stick.  (Yes, I use theirs sometimes.  It’s convenient–don’t judge.)  Fortunately, I caught myself just before I smeared it all around like a toddler Sunday school project.

IMG_7033#3:  We went on our annual 4th of July camping trip with our big ol’ family, where we rough it with no showers, we have to pump our own water and take a bit of a hike to the outhouse.  In the middle of the night, rather than walk by myself in the pitch black to the “bathroom,” I have mastered the art of….going outside.  (It’s 2 am and we’re in a tent on top of Mt. Hood.  Don’t judge.) When done well, it can be no problem at all.  It involves me leaning on a tree behind our tent. This year it also involved me getting a bunch of tree sap on my bare butt, which caused major annoyance and discomfort for the next three days until I could get home and shower.

photo (6)

#2  On Labor Day weekend, we go to a family camp at the coast.  It’s all kinds of fun.  Sydney actually lost her first tooth there!  (It’s the best pic I have of the weekend and has nothing to do with my story.)  My brother leads worship and I get to help sing.  Well, on the last evening I put on my only remaining pair of clean jeans, wore them for a few hours, then showered late and went to bed.  The next morning, I slept a little too long and got dressed quickly, wearing the jeans again, because they were the cleanest pair I had.  (It’s CAMP.  Don’t judge.)  And as I was standing on the stage that morning, getting ready to sing for Jesus, I felt something in the leg of my pants.  Sure enough, it was my undies from the night before, sliding down my pant leg.  As soon as we got off stage, I awkwardly walked to the bathroom without majorly revealing my mishap to anyone, and tossed the bonus unders in the trash.  No harm, no foul.

#1  On August 7, my dad has his first and what we pray is his last heart attack.   We didn’t know it was a heart attack for IMG_5082
almost 24 hours, but that whole day was very disconcerting.  While we waited for official news, I wanted to see him, so I took the kids to the hospital for a visit.  I was pretty discombobulated about my dad, the kids were whining in the back, and I went straight to the hospital’s parking garage before I remembered that this year we decided to leave the CARGO BOX on all summer.  I heard this ungodly SCRAPING sound, as I confidently drove towards the entrance.  Fortunately, it was the heavy metal bar they use to remind forgetful visitors of their own clearance, not the actual cement ceiling.  UNfortunately, there was already enough room for TWO CARS to have pulled in behind me, and others waiting to turn in.  I had to put the van into reverse, and wait for everyone to back up and get out of the way so I could do the same.   (My dad was in the HOSPITAL!  Don’t judge.)   BUT, he is A-OK!  And that’s worth a hundred more embarrassing moments.

So, what did you do this summer to embarrass yourself?