I can’t fit all of July in one post.  It was a month packed with adventures and fun pics. 
These red headphones were gift for Trent for Christmas.  However, “someone” whose name I will not write, but the nickname is “Smasher,” snapped them after about 3 days, so they don’t stay on anyone’s head.  However, the sound works great, as long as you can figure out a way to keep them on.  Solution?  Knit hat in the middle of summer.

This is a great moment of imaginative play between the sibs with the Doc McStuffins medical kit.

Most of my July pics are all from one weekend, but it’s THE weekend!  Every fourth of July we have a big camping trip with my whole side of the family and then some.  FROG LAKE is our destination and our tradition.  We bring a sickening amount of gear and toys, and get completely filthy and eat junk food and smell like campfire, and it’s a blast.  Each year as the kids get older, it gets more and more fun, and less and less exhausting.  Of course, the success of the weekend truly hinges on the weather, and we scored AMAZING sunshine this year!

My mom made t-shirts for all the kids this year, and it was a HUGE hit!  Some of them were worn for 3 days straight.  Plus, we could spot them easily through the trees.

To get to Frog Lake (and yes! there are a ton of frogs and tadpoles) we walk through this sometimes marshy field and put the rafts in the water.

Sometimes it’s hard to wait your turn to go in the boat.
And sometimes Trent likes to wear “youth” life jackets to set a good example.  Safety first!

The lake is murky, but very shallow.  Even Carson could touch WAY out in the middle!

Self-explanatory, mandatory camping activity.

My dad bought a junior sized bow and arrow and let some of the kids try it out.  They loved it!
In case you aren’t completely fawning over this picture, please be sure to notice Sydney’s t-shirt.  Not planned, I swear!

Good times, Frog Lake.  Good times.