Yes, I know.  It’s September.  But it’s taken my big kids going to school for me to have enough brain space and actual minutes in the day to do some family record keeping.  Here’s the photo dump for the month of June.
A sure sign of summer.  First piece of watermelon outside in the yard.

On June 5th we celebrated Asher’s gotcha day with some Thai food and cupcakes.  I think the big siblings enjoyed it more than Asher.  I’ve never been a huge fan of the term Gotcha Day, but the kids love it and feel like it’s a big fun day, so we just let it ride.  All of our adoption anniversaries are in June:  referral day (love day), meeting you for the first time day, gotcha day, homecoming day and finalization day!  So I think June will just be our month to celebrate Asher joining our family.

Also the first backyard camping night of the summer.

On the first official day of summer vacation we went to the Children’s museum and had a blast.  

Aw, sibling love.

I have no idea what day this was, but it was a fashion statement day for sure.

Sydney turned five on June 26, and we had a really fun mani/pedi party for her cousins and a some friends.  Some of the aunties and friends helped out and I think the girls had a blast.

This picture makes me miss Sydney’s long hair!  I’ve kind of regretted cutting it, but I don’t miss the LONG hours of combing out wretched tangles.  

Near the end of the month we made an impromptu trip to the coast, which turned out to be our first of four weekends at Trent’s parents’ place. 

We decided sand-sledding was all the rage.

I got tired of climbing up the sand dunes too, but for some reason, Trent wouldn’t carry me up the hill like he did for Asher.
Next up…July.